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Things to Know

We are a midwife practice that helps pregnant couples empower their choices of where they would like to deliver. We have several offices: Miami-Dade County and Greater Tampa Bay Area. The midwives also travel thru out the state of Florida for your experience. As well as travel to other states that midwifery is legal to practice in.

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Plan Table

This table will help you for your family planning system

Getting Pregnant

If you’re wondering how to get pregnant, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, from how long it usually takes to the right time to have sex and how to know when you’re ovulating. Everyone is different and its all about getting information for your body. Everyone is different so all consultation are for your needs. We give you tips for getting pregnant and what to avoid when you’re trying to conceive, plus things to do before trying for a healthy pregnant. If you want to know how click on book an appointment to schedule a consultation.

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Your First Appointment

Initial visit includes:

  • Explaining midwifery care
  • Signing consent forms for your care online
  • Reviewing medical and pregnancy history of you and your partner
  • Risk assessment is done to make sure your a good candidate for home birth
  • Discussion of danger signs & things to avoid during pregnancy
  • A prenatal passport that you can keep with you at all times
  • Homework will include a diet diary written for a week to determine if your dietary habits are sufficent for your pregnancy
  • Suggestions for any nutritional change for a healthy pregnancy
  • Physical exam to determine your health and which pelvis type you have
  • Pelvic exam with PAP & cultures
  • Blood work for screening


Routine prenatal visits include:

  • Checking your blood pressure, pulse, weight gain, & urine analysis done by yourself so you are a part of your own examination and learn about your health
  • Measuring the size of your uterus to make sure baby and dates are accurate
  • Monitoring baby’s heart beat, position and movement
  • Standard lab work and tests
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Exercise(Yoga tapes are available to lend)
  • Natural remedies for common discomforts of pregnancy
  • Discussion of emotional and social well being
  • Ultrasound, available as needed, on site.
  • Obstetrical consultation given when necessary if your labs or
    well being is not reacting well with natural remedies
  • Childbirth Education is provided through the whole pregnancy and class settings are required during the end of second trimester and beginning of third trimester
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Home birth

Our ultimate goal as midwife is for you to have “Birth Your Way” with the appropriate guidance to ensure a spectacular outcome.

We will accomplish this goal by working with the woman’s body to deliver the baby in the most peaceful environment possible.

As midwife we will honor your choices, wishes, and desires to empower you to take control of your childbirth experience.

A healthy woman who delivers spontaneously, performs a job that cannot be improved upon

  • Having an out of hospital birth requires trust in your body and the birth process, trust in who is taking care of you, and taking responsibility for your care. It is natural to have some fears surrounding birth. As you receive education and information, as you actively participate in making decisions over your care, and your trust in the birth process increases, these fears usually minimize or totally go away.

  • Having a home birth will provide you with a tranquil, comfortable and familiar environment in which to bring your baby in to the world. No routine vaginal checks are done. You will be able to move around and change positions. You will be able to eat and drink as desired. Total support will be provided, including words of assurance, massage, counter pressure, etc. we will follow your well-beingclosely, as well as the baby’s. We bring all equipment necessary like oxygen, resuscitation equipment, and medication to stop excessive bleeding. We do not provide any type of anesthesia for the birth, or surgical birth. We do perineal guard to avoid tears but in the event that you do tear we do provide local anesthesia.

  • The use of water during your labor can be key to help you relax. A regular tub can be used for you to submerge yourself during labor. If you desire to plan for a water birth and do not have a big tub or Jacuzzi, ask us for information on how you can rent a portable tub or obtain an inflatable one. Feel free to check out books on water births.

  • During labor, direct support by a partner or close family member is encouraged. You are free to have anyone in your family attending the birth. In some occasions, the amount of people, or the conduct of the people around you, may interfere with your labor and birth. If this happens, we may need to limit their presence, for your benefit, and that of the baby. Otherwise, we believe birth to be an intimate, as well as a family event; therefore, we will respect your choice of the amount of people participating. If you have other children and wish them to be present as well, an adult, other than the direct support person, must be present to supervise them. We do encourage participation of siblings.


Learn how to care for your newborn from those very first moments after birth, so that you can enter this new phase of your life confident and ready to begin

Feeding Baby

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You could be Pregnant. Feel free to talk to us

Award Winning Service

Midwifery services is a personal service and we become part of your family and empower your right to choices as a family as well as a women.

Best Midwives

All our midwives are highly trained and have all credentials necessary to make sure your family is in safe and loving hands.

Back up care

All locations have a dedicated team to help with any transition. Whether high risk or emergency transfer. We all thrive to keep our relationships with people with same beliefs

Trimester Chart

This chart shows you how your baby is developing inside you.

  • 4

    I'm I Pregnant?!

    Babies start to sleep from 4 weeks after conception Your fertilised egg is about the size of a poppy seed An embryo's heart begins to beat just 3 weeks after conception Before the first month of the first trimester, baby's hearing is forming

    Know More
  • 9

    Fetal Development

    Babies begin kicking soon after nine weeks but you won't feel it until week 16-22. It's been suggested that baby boys secrete a chemical that causes the mother to eat more during pregnancy.Your baby is beginning to swallow fluid and produce its own digestive juices.

    Download PDF
  • 13

    Baby Facts

    Your baby is around 7.5cm long and about the size of an egg, weighing about 23g. Babies can taste the food their mothers eat in the womb and this may shape their preferences in later life. Your baby's vocal chords are beginning to develop.

    View Here

1st Trismester

.25 oz- .50oz
  • 18

    Baby Movement

    At 18 weeks your baby will be about 14cm long, weighing around 200g and similar to a bell pepper in size. Your 18-week fetus is working his or her muscles and practicing all kinds of moves from hiccuping to kicking.

    Quick Tips
  • 22

    Fetal Growth

    Your baby is around 27cm from head to toe now, about the size of a papaya. Your baby will be developing their own daily routine and movement patterns around now. Your baby's gums are already developing tooth buds, ready for their first teeth to come through months after birth. Baby will play in the womb (turning somersaults, wriggling around!) and then have a little nap to recover.

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  • 27

    Baby's Patterns

    At week 27, your baby is 36cm long, weighing 875g and about the size of a head of cauliflower. Your baby will be opening his/her eyes for the first time around now and eyelashes have formed. Your baby will start to practice breathing movements, even though his or her lungs aren't taking in oxygen yet. Babies have close to 15% fat on their body, but this will be closer to 30% by the time they're born. Your baby's heartbeat is so strong that your partner might be able to hear it if they put their ear on your bump.

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2nd Trismester

1.5oz - 2 lbs
  • 31

    Things to know

    At week 31 the average baby will be around 40cm long, likely weighing close to 3lbs. Your baby's finger nails are fully developed and may need cutting when they're born.

    Watch Out
  • 36

    Preparing for labor

    Your baby will weigh around 6 lbs at the 36 week mark. Baby will be shredding most of the downy covering of hair that covered their body, as well as the vernix caseosa

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  • 40

    Due Date?!

    Only five percent of babies are born on their due date (so don't count on it!) The skull bones are not yet fused, which allows them to overlap a bit if it's a snug fit through the birth canal during labor.

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*units in weeks

3rd Trismester

2lbs- 8lbs

Things to Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life and it can also be hard. With our help, we will help educate and make it a little more understanding and easier.


Infant Care


After Birth Care

Yoga and Meditation



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